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Can a broken spring be repaired?
No, so recycle them.


Garage Doors

Professional repair and installation services

Most if not all garage door companies offer professional repair and installation services for garage doors and garage door openers along with their component parts. Garage door companies employ professional, well trained technicians whose range of services include repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of residential and commercial garage doors and openers, door springs, cables, tracks, and door rollers. If you detect a malfunction with the operation of your garage door system, call a garage door repair company immediately to address the problem. Ignoring a problem with your garage door system could cause other malfunctions, leading to more expensive repairs as well as compromising the safety of those using the garage. Let the professional technicians who are properly trained to handle the system components service your garage door system to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. Services:

  • Residential / Commercial Garage Door Installation
  • Residential / Commercial Garage Door Repair
  • Residential / Commercial Opener Repair and Replacement
  • Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement
  • Cable and Track Repair
  • Roller Repair and Replacement
  • Broken Spring Replacement
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Commercial garage door repairs

Choosing commercial garage doors or overhead commercial doors is not as simple as installing a residential garage door. There are so many different business requirements thatapply to the garage commercial garage systems, and so many different sized businesses that need garage type door access. Commercial doors are relatively a custom product within reason, made to the specifications that you require which are dependent on the building in which they will be installed. click to read full article on commercial garage doors.

Chicago garage door repairs

Residents and business owners use garages as a security measure; to protect their automobiles, the things that may be stored in the garage. If the garage door is not working properly, this security may be at risk. There are many places where a person can get Chicago Garage Door Repairs.

Garage Door Services

There are two types: Manual garage doors and automatic garage doors. The do-it-yourselfer can install either type of door by following a few simple instructions. Read full article here.

Garage Door Vendors

There is quite an array of commercial and residential garage doors available on the market offering many types and styles. Garage door manufacturers offer a wide range of doors ranging from a steel heavy-duty door to a carriage-style wood garage door. Many types of doors available in the market today.Each vendor lists garage door information, including companies' names and their products. Here are some sample garage door vendors:
You can buy garage doors from Sears Garage Doors. Sears has a garage door online store that offers doors for homes. Wayne-Dalton specializes in sectional and rolling garage doors. CloPay aresidential garage door manufacturer and a supplier of commercial overhead sectional garage doors and coiling steel doors offers an extensive set of specs at its commercial and residential garage door online store. Other Vendors: C.H.I., Amarr, LiftMaster, IDEAL Door.

The key is in figuring out what type of door you need and getting the right garage door company to install it. While shoping for your door, make sure:

1. Choose a door that allows for the best flow of traffic and durability.
2. Don't be afraid to design your own (many vendors allow cusomt designs) if you can't find the door you desire and the garage door manufacturers don't have exactly what you want.
3. Read reviews of garage doors, vendors, and installers to ensure you're buying and installing a solid door from a reputable company.

New garage door installation procedures

Installing a new garage door could be a challenging project if you have not done it before or if you have no experience in the mechanics of a garage door and its parts such the garage door springs and the opener including. there are some good articles that teaches you how to do so using a step by step guides:
From Advanced Garage Door. The article compiled a guide to assist you with your garage door installation project. The best guide off course need should come from the manufacturers of the door itself (Amaar for example), so no guide should be viewed as a replacement for the instructions that the manufacturer sent along with your garage door. Most installation guides provide general instructions and focuses on a particular scope and doesn’t make allowances for the specifications that might be involved with your particular model. Always follow the instructions that came with your garage door and read them thoroughly before starting the installation! The guide outlined in this article puts forward a 10 step process for the installation, for example in step 1, the instructions starts with attaching the weather stripping to the bottom section of your garage door. The weather stripping prevents the door from damaging your garage floor, and also helps keep any climate control measures you have in your garage from escaping. the article adds to this step "use long nails to attach the panel in the doorway by driving them in halfway and at an angle. This will hold the bottom panel in place and allow you to build the rest of the door on top of it.Complete Garage door installation guide.

Other Useful Articles: How I Replaced Deadly Garage Door Torsion Springs || Garage Door Safety Tips from Affordable Garage Doors Services.

Broken Springs 

Why did it happen?: spring life cycle on an average 70000 - 100000 cycles per a pair of springs (7 years)
Diagnostics: its a physical, visible breakage in the spring themselves, see image. 
Consequences: Broken Springs could damage your door if not fixed within a few day or hours from time they break.  Broken springs are dangerous as well.
Solution:  We usually replace broken springs with a new set.  If only one breaks we must change both otherwise the power of the springs is not evenly distributed on across the garage door.

How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs

The article again from Advanced garage doors inc provide a guide to help homeowners get started on the process of Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs again you should follow the instructions provided alongside your garage door manual or the spring manufacturer. in a nut shell the article outlines 10 easy steps for replacing your torsion springs:
1. Gather tools!, 2. Note the old and new spring size. , 3. Mark the torsion shaft., 4. Unwind the old springs. BE CAREFUL. This can be very dangerous., 5. Loosen the torsion hardware, 6. Replace the old springs with the new ones., 7. Reinstall torsion hardware., 8. Wind the new springs., 9. Lubricate and check the strength of the springs., 10. Reconnect the garage door opener and plug it in.,. How to replace garage door torsion springs article.

S&S Metal Recyclers

Recycling Services

While there are a number of different recycling companies in the area, S&S Metal Recyclers is an honest and trustworthy choice. They are 100% green and promote sustainability through their residential, commercial, and industrial recycling services. Community fundraising opportunities are also available. Whether you’re looking to sell scrap metal, get a quote, or start a community fundraiser, S&S Metal Recyclers is ready to provide assistance and help every step of the way. Trusting their team of experienced professionals is a step toward greater profit and a greener business. All garage door technicians are encouraged to take any scrap metal for an excellent source of extra cash. There is a greate opprtunity for recyling for all gaeage door companies with S&S Metal Recylers.

What to do with Scrap Metal from Garage Doors?

Here is one more reason to never tose away those garage door parts after a job. simply collect all parts and and turn the collected scrap metal junk old parts to cash with little effort and help the enviorment while doing so. read more



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